The traditional Vanoi cuisine has not only been influenced by its geographic position between Trentino and Veneto, but also by the influx of Tyrolese that has enriched the variety of local dishes. There is a vast choice from refined restaurants to pizza houses, alpine dairy farms (malga) to home grown farm restaurants, small restaurants and places for a quick snack.

The most renowned midday dish is the maize flour polenta, whilst barley souppotato gnocchi and local dumplings(canederli) are an alternative choice for the evenings.

Local dairy products are worth a try: fresh full fat “tosèla” cheese, tasty mature cheese from the Primiero dairy (recently nationally recognized) and lastly an interesting range of goat cheeses produced locally in the village of Zortea.

The local butchers are well known for their fresh and smoked sausages (lucaniche). We must not of course forget that in “The green heart of Trentino” there is the local game on offer too and wild mushrooms, which are celebrated in September with the “Festa delle Brise”- the mushroom fair. In this occasion people interested in hunting and mushroom picking come to the valley.

The rushing waters of the Vanoi river host magnificent trout, so delicious mountain fish dishes can be tried in local restaurants.

In the greenhouses of Prade, Cicona and Zortea vegetables are successfully cultivated (cabbage, chicory, potatoes, beans…) and small fruits (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, bilberries) that garnished with cream are wickedly appetizing. 

Strudel or fruit pies are an excellent way to finished off any meal, accompanied by a good wine or Trentino grappa.

Yes, one certainly eats well in Vanoi!

Eating well in the Vanoi Valley

Canal San Bovo

Albergo Lagorai Ristorante
Loc. Lausen - tel. 0439.719016


Trattoria "da Marina"
Loc. Lausen, 14/O - tel. 0439.718816


Bar Paninoteca Trattoria "La Fornace"
Loc. Lausen, 51 - tel. 0439.719261


Rosticceria Gastronomia Pizzeria da asporto "Alle Pertiche"
P.zza Vittorio Emanuele III, 2 - tel. 348.8606558 - 8606618




Bar Tavola Calda "Vecchia Scuola"
Loc. Ronco Chiesa, tel. 0439.719540


Agritur "Maso Paradisi"
Loc. Giaroni di Ronco, tel. 0439.719071




Albergo Ristorante Vanoi
P.zza G. Marconi, tel. 0439.719012


Pizzeria "alla Piazza"
P.zza G. Marconi, tel. 0439.719035




Albergo "Cima d'Asta" Ristorante
Loc. Cicona, tel. 0439.719054




Bar Ristorante Albergo "Serenella"
Loc. Zortea, tel. 0439.7190000


Ristorante tipico "Lozen"
Loc. Lozen, tel. 0439.719066


Albergo Ristorante "Miralago"
Loc. Calaita, tel. 0439.719395


Agritur "Santa Romina"
Loc. Pianazzi di Zortea, tel. 0439.719459 



Passo Gobbera

Pizzeria Albergo "Passo Gobbera"
Loc. Passo Gobbera, tel. 0439.719065




Rifugio "Refavaie"
Loc. Refavaie, tel. 0439.710009


Albergo Ristorante "Al Pin"
Loc. Caoria, tel. 0439.710265