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The River Creek

Details of the Vanoi creek

Surface area of river basin: 228 sq. km.

Height above sea level: max. 2847 m – min. 443 m

Total difference in level: 2404 m

Length: 25.05 km

Average gradient: 10%. From the steepest down 12% - 5.3% - 3%

Main geological featuresquartz phyllite, granite, moraines, eluvial deposits, colluvial and fluvial deposits; very high erosion level.

Vegitation: prevalence of forests with intercalation of pasture.

Soilwidespread landslide; superficial landslide 15 Ha, slow and deep landslide 80 Ha. The gravel bed of flood reaches even the 250 meters wide.

Average annual water flow: 4 cubic metres per second

Mean Water Average flow measured in Caoria (out of 80 SQ KM of river basin): min. in February 0.658 cubic metres per second, max. in May 6.557 cubic metres per second, annual average 2.812 cubic metres per second.

Annual Water Average flow measured at San Silvestro (increase in flow due to the contribution of the Travignolo, Boalon, Val Zorta and Lozen streams): min. in February 4.589 cubic metres per second, max. in June 14.093 cubic metres per second, average annual 8.113 cubic metres per second

Notes: Vanoi is the second largest valley in the area; with the tributaries of Valfredda, Valsorda, Regana, Viosa, Rebrut and Vallunga, the Vanoi creek flows through the municipalities of Canal San Bovo, Castello and Cinte Tesino. The villages of Caoria, Canal San Bovo and Ronco are sited along its course.