Rural buildings in Vanoi


Rural buildings in Vanoi

Vanoi buildings take on typical style characters, materials and techniques both within villages and rural buildings scattered throughout territory.

The architecture is closely linked to alpine style even if the variety in the area has given rise to highly original results.

The most widespread structure is the "tabià", which has two specific functions: as a stable and barn. The lower stable is built with stone masonry while the upper part is constructed with shaped trunks (“stelari”) in order to cross at the end of the building.

The "ritonda" is part of the kitchen with an open fire and chimney; usually rounded or half hexagonal with windows, it protrudes out from the building.

Very popular are the galleries that encircle the entire building through a sequence of poles and wooden pillars.

Aedicule with sacred ex-voto paintings of popular taste and soft colored are often painted on their exterior walls


torna sù


The valley is dotted with “masi” and “baite” (rustic dwellings) that testify harsh farming activities of past times and that today are essentially places of leisure or maybe seen even as a status symbol.

In the past families used to spend much of the year in these houses, dedicating their time to haymaking, sheep farming, cultivation of vegetables, gardening as well as small manual works.

These rural constructions represent an important economic and cultural heritage for the Vanoi valley and are located at an altitude between 800 metres and 1600 metres and are connected to the bottom of the valley by a vast network of pathways.

Wood and stone were used as building materials as they were easily found in loco.



torna sù

The "masi" of Lozen 

The Lozen valley runs up from the residential area of Zortea village (1027 meters altitude) to the splendid Calaita Lake (1608 meters altitude).

It is easily accessible and crossed by paths that lead to discover the small hamlets and rural buildings on the surrounding meadows around like the small church of St. Romina.

We recommend the following itineraries:
  Route A - easy – 1 hour from Masi di Lozen (1180m) to Rifugio Lozen (1230 m)
  Route B – easy – 2 hours from Masi di Lozen to the alpine dairy farm of Malga Grugola (1782 m) or Calaita Lake (1608 m) 
  Route C – easy – 1.1/2 hours from Masi di Lozen to the alpine dairy farm of Malga Lozen (1468 m)