Nordic Walking

The Nordic walking.

It is a sport for everyone and, with the proper technique, you may have benefit by completing one of the everyday gestures: walking.

It is one of the most complete sports since the movement involves all the muscles of the kinetic chain and therefore it provides many benefits to our


Our Nordic Walking has its own gym in a authentic beauty natural scenery.

Paths are immersed in nature, surrounded by the sounds and scents of nature, in beautiful landscapes that become ideal places to relax and exercise.

The Vanoi Ethnographic Path offers a route, which combines sport and cultural aspects. A guided tour leads to “Pradi di Tognola”: a seasonal settlement once inhabited nucleus now turned into a museum where you can see the typical “masi” (farmsteads) and how people lived once. You can even visit the Valzanca sawmill: an old multistage hydraulic sawmill in good working order and used for educational and demonstrative purposes.