Survival Courses

Survival Experience

The importance of a fire, a plant, water, a stone, falling leaves, the Sun, the stars, Nature: all begins and from here evolves. How to be aware today of all these things? Today, we live in the age where all can be purchased and sold. The progress is the engine of our everyday life, but what would happen if suddenly all of this disappeared? How could we survive?
Who we are and all we have done is the result of our evolution built on experiences, tries, experiments, mistakes, and successes that throughout the time we have learnt and passed from generation to generation. 

To know how we lived since our origins, knowing the dynamics, the difficulties and risks, the failures, recognising our limits, not having our commodities, knowing the resources and the potential of nature, all of this does not mean we have to stop the progress and go back in time, but recognise the importance of our past, it means to be more aware of what we have achieved, it means acquiring a certain sensibility towards nature in all of its forms, to observe it with a different view, to respect it, finding in it infinite resources that have to be used wisely and respecting its renewal process , to understand its fragility that a can lead to destructive consequences for ourselves as human being if we exploit nature irresponsibly.

In a business world driven by few, where the ghost of international conflicts is ever present, where all we have is at risks like a thin thread that can snap suddenly, all of this means to have the awareness of being ready to survive in the most difficult situations, finding in nature our best ally. I mean to say:"I can do it".

This is in the spirit of survival.