The villages in the Vanoi valley

Veduta dal Monte Totoga

Canal San Bovo and Lausen

mt 758 Maps Proloco Canal San Bovo - Gobbera

This charming and welcoming village is situated at the confluence of the Lozen stream, on a sunny terrace facing green slopes dotted with farmhouses and hay barns. It is an easy-going place and a starting point for many interesting hikes and excursions.

In the past, the village was known for its livestock fairs. The village has inherited the name that first was to the whole valley: "Valle del Sambuco" (Elder Valley).

In more recent times the residential area of Lausen situated where the Totoga Mountain tunnel begins and the Gobbera pass road forks off, has undergone rapid urban development becoming a major service pole for the entire valley.



mt 817 Maps Proloco Caoria

This typically alpine village rises at the confluence of the Valsorda creek on an alluvial fan just in front of the rocky pyramids of the Cauriol Mountain. A nice paved road continues up from here to the Refavaie Refuge (1110 meters).

The village is divided into two districts by the Valsorda stream: Caoria di fuori (outer) and Caoria di dentro (inner). The church of "San Giovanni Nepomuceno" (St John) is an example of modern architecture integrated in an alpine landscape.

For those keen on mountain walking, Caoria offers the possibility of many interesting excursions on the massif of different origin and nature. The granite massif of Cima d’Asta and the porphyry chain of the Lagorai are not far away from Caoria.


mt 899 Maps Proloco Prade Cicona Zortea

This peaceful sunny village picturesquely is situated on a fluvial-glacial ledge. The small hamlets, farmhouses, meadows and woods of Ronco lie facing the village.

The old road leading from Canale to Prade was swept away in the 1966 floods. The road now goes from Lozen to Revedea and Gobbera while a branch of the road crosses the Lozen River and runs up to Prade. Canale can be reached from the village on foot by walking down a mule track.

Following tradition, every ten years, a folk play called Godimondo e Fortunato (a sacred drama) is acted out in the village square.


mt 1028 Maps Proloco Prade Cicona Zortea

Zortea is a typical alpine village, which spread out over a gently sloping terrace. It overlooks the basin of Canale encircled by mountains. To the north, the Sass Maor peak stands alone and ethereal in the sky.

The village can be reached either from Prade than along the road that branches off at Revedea skirting the Lozen left bank and crossing the stream near Mureri; one branch goes then to Zortea while the other one goes up to the Calaita Lake and its shelter. 

The right hand bank of the Lozen stream is well exposed to the sun and rich of lawns and dotted with hay barns.


mt 989 Maps Proloco Canal San Bovo - Gobbera

The village is on a little pass that connected Canal San Bovo to Imer of Primiero. It is placed between the rocky Totoga Mountain and the southern slopes of Redasega. The road that climbs up from Canale passes through grasslands dotted with typical hay barns.

Not so far from the village, the small church of San Silvestro has always had a religious and historical importance for the valley.

Gobbera is considered to be the link between Canal San Bovo and Imer which for centuries formed an unique community..

Ronco and Cainari

mt 885 Maps Proloco Ronco

Two picturesque villages situated close together to the right of the Vanoi river on the steep slopes of Mount Remitta and “Pizzo degli Uccelli”. Further to the north, a few rural dwellings scattered over the slope, make up the locality of Ronco Costa. On meadows bordered by woods there are many characteristic “baite” or alpine dwellings. The surrounding landscape is severe, almost too wild, but not without its own particular charm.

Cicona and other hamlets

Maps Proloco Prade Cicona Zortea

As well as the villages of Prade and Zortea there are other small hamlets in the area: 

Cicona is perched up between Prade and Zortea and has an unusual microclimate which favours the cultivation of vegetables, small fruits and flowers. 

Mureri and Valline are above Zortea in the Lozen valley.

Berni and Battistoni are found lower on slopes above the river.